On the 26th of February between 10am and 12pm and 2pm and 4pm we will be hosting a closed online discussion forum on the topic of abortion. 


We are particularly keen to hear from people with lived experience of trying to access abortion in Ireland, travelling in order to access abortions, failing to access abortion, considering abortion, coerced abortion, in any circumstance.

Our understanding of disability is very broad and includes people with physical, intellectual, mental health, psychosocial, sensory disabilities as well as Deaf people, users and survivors of psychiatry, neurodivergent people and people with long term or chronic illnesses. 
The Forum is a closed event where we invite disabled people and professionals in the legal, medical and social work sector to exchange experiences about the provision of reproductive services. We have previously had really positive Fora based on the other topics in the project. 
The event will take place across two sessions – from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm. The format we use is that an individual with a lived experience will speak, followed by a professional giving a response to what they have heard based on their experience and practices. It is a safe space for exchanging perspectives and looking at how to improve accessibility of abortion services for disabled people in Ireland.


If you are interested please do get in touch with realproductivejustice@nuigalway.ie. 

Please include a bit about you, and why you wish to attend. We are particularly keen to hear from disabled people who have accessed abortion services both before and after the 8th. 

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