Discussion Fora

The goal of the discussion fora is to enable frank conversations among stakeholders from the fields of law, health, social care, and the disability community concerning the barriers and opportunities for securing reproductive justice.

We will be having four discussion fora:

  • Fertility and contraception (including assisted reproduction and


  • Abortion;
  • Pregnancy (including surrogacy) and birth;
  • Parenting (including adoption).

    The numbers attending these fora will be limited.

    Participants in the fora will be drawn from four main sectors – disabled people, and researchers or practitioners from the domains of law, healthcare and social care.

    For each forum, a working paper summarising the existing literature and project data (covering relevant law and policy, lived experience and practice) in that particular domain will be circulated in advance by the project research team. A lead participant will be selected from each of the four sectors  (disability, law, health, social care) to will present discussion points from their personal and professional experiences for the group to consider.    

A general application for all fora is available here: Discussion Fora
Applications for Pregnancy and Childbirth forum are available here: Discussion Fora Application PDF and in Word Document: Discussion-Fora-Application-
Easy to Read application is available here:ETR Application Pregnancy and Childbirth
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